Definition: "PinkX Gay Video Awards" is an event organized by PinkX. It annually recognizes the best gay porn production broadcast on PinkX and / or proposed VoD on IPTV platforms "PinkX Gay VOD" and on PinkFlix.

Art 1.

The "PinkX Gay Video Awards" is an event organized by PinkTV SAS, with capital of € 178 480, registered under number B 438 297 046 at the Register of Trade and Companies of Paris, having its registered office at 20/22 rue Turenne 75004 Paris.

Art 2.

The "PinkX Gay Video Awards" is a free contest with no purchase which annually recognizes the best production gay porn broadcast on PinkX and / or proposed PinkX VOD Gay VOD. For the 2019 edition, users can vote for their favorite candidates on the site between September 12, 2019 and October 13, 2019

Art 3.

The competition is only reserved for an adult audience. Anyone wishing to vote must confirm before connecting to the site he has the legal age of majority in their country of origin. The competition is open internationally and is limited to one entry per email address.

Art 4.

The list of nominees and the prices are subject to the deliberation of the jury and its president and chosen by majority.

Art 5.

The jury will choose the nominees among the films that have had their first broadcast on TV PinkX and / or went online on PinkX Gay VOD between September 1, 2018 and June 30 2019.

Art 6.

The films may have been specially fitted for PinkX / PinkX Gay VOD or have been previously distributed on DVD and / or on the web. Excluded from the selection movies "best of" (compilations).
The films will be called by the title used in their TV broadcast and / or operating VOD.

Art 7.

The organizing committee promises to send the jury the full list of selectable films. It also agrees to provide copies of DVD movies or files or to give editorial information as requested by the jury.

Art 8.

The validation of the appointment will be effective upon acceptance of the said Regulations by the distributor or the producer or assigns. This validation will be complete after receipt of Committee: -A set of soft and hard photographs, which can be marked by the name of the production or distributor, but without mention of ".com" or ".com" (provided Standards, we consult) - DVD copies of the film or a link to see the film in streaming may be requested.

Art 9.

11 prizes are awarded:

- Best Foreign Film
- Best French Film
- Best Amator movie
- Best Director
- Best New Cummer
- Best Actor
- Best Top
- Best duet
- Best orgy
- Best sex
-Porn Star of the year

Art 10.

Six nominees are competing categories.

Art 11.

The closing of the films nominated is June 1 2018. The opening to the public vote is set for September 12 2019. The closing of the public votes is fixed at October 13 2019 at 23:59. The deliberation of the jury will take place mid October 2019.

Art 12.

The jury vote: By deliberation (voice vote) under the authority of the president of the jury.
Public voting: By Internet.

Art 13.

Will be taken to equal the value of voting:
the jury.

Art 14.

The jury members will be appointed by the Organizing Committee no later than May 30, 2019. The dissolution of the jury and its president will speak the day after the date of the official awards ceremony. The jury has at least 3 members. (President included).

The role of the President under the organizing committee:
- Lead discussions during the vote of the jury deliberation
- Arbitrate in case of ties.
- Settle any dispute between members of the jury.
The president and the organizing committee shall ensure the proper functioning of the vote. They guarantee the authenticity of the results.
The president will be voting and functions of any member absent.
In case of withdrawal of one or more members of the jury, the organizing committee reserves the right to / replace.

Art 15.

The committee reserves the right to distributors to producers and actors to communicate their (s) appointment (s) and their (s) production (s) price. All communication must specify the category or categories (s) nomination and the reference year. Only the official graphic provided by the organizing committee is authorized for communication displaying "PinkX Gay Video Awards"

Art 16.

Selected authorize, by validating their participation, the organizer for the visual (see Art. 9) on the official website: but also for illustration of press articles or other media. The organizers will, unless otherwise agreed, to ensure marking assigns visual said.

Art 17.

Results will be announced on PinkX at a special event on October 26, 2019. Winners agree to be used as part of this program operating pictures of their film and / or video excerpts credited under 2 minutes.

Art 18.

The settlement is freely and freely accessible on the website throughout the contest period, or upon written request to:
"PinkX Gay Video Awards"
20/22 rue de Turenne
75004 Paris
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